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The meaning of Tiponi is: "Child of importance (Hopi - Indian tribe).".
And these are my cats to me.
I've started breeding in 2006 -  but I had a longer breeding break.
In the meantime, I've moved almost countless times, got married
and helped in my mother's cattery.
But the Maine Coon is simply addicting with its pristine beauty.
That's why I'm starting again in 2020 with almost all of my old lines.

With our new beginning in 2020, we are participating in the Pawpeds health program.

Kitten buyers are carefully selected and we continue to support the new parents
after the kitten has moved in.
My breeding goals - explained briefly and concisely

1. Health

My animals are genetically tested for HCM1 and SMA.

With about 1 year: HD and Patella.

The HCM sound is also done with one year, every 2-3 years.


2. Character

Beside the interesting lines I attach importance to the character of the animals. Because they inherit this character as well as possible hereditary diseases.


3. Type

... why only in third place? Because I am of the opinion that optical deficits are easier to compensate than points 1 and 2 :-)

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